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Practical learning

Coop rocks, so says Business Insider:

Co-Ops offer a logical structure for success. They give college students the benefit of book knowledge in combination with real-world experience. Students get to learn on the job and in the real world what a particular profession is all about. Students get a chance to put their education into action for 3-6 months in a real job, and then invest the next 3-6 months back in the classroom mastering what they need to know next. It’s a building process of learning, working, discovering and earning. The Cooperative Education model works because the education is right, the experience is real, the money is rewarding and the job offers are robust. If you couple that with some of the tax and financial aid tactics that I have outlined above, you can create a college Co-Op strategy that totally rocks.

What exactly is coop?

For a great overview and history of Co-op check out this article.

Who offers Co-op? Check out list of professional assioantions like


Canadian Association of Cooperatve Education-CAFCE

USA–Co-operative Education and Internship Association U.S.A. (CEIA)

New Zealand–New Zealand Association for Co-operative Education (NZACE)


The UK offers a unique approach known as a Sandwhich degree:–” vocational courses where students spend a year working within their industry – are meant to introduce you to the world of work and complement university learning.”

Which universities offer Sandwhich Degrees? Actualy a lot of them, and Which University detalis them here