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Colleges biggest complaint is trying to get a quick and accurate understanding of a school. The three key tools are
1) School profiles
2) Transcripts
3) School Websites

School Profiles

  • NACAC has shared a wide sampling of school profiles available here.
  • The collegeboard has a very focused statement and sample on Creating a School Profile.
  • University of Michigan offers advice on what to include.


There are a lot of bad transcripts out there. Keys froma  college perspectve:

  1. Have your school name on it
  2. Keep course names clear and simple
  3. Grades and GPA shoudl be clearly stated

Ask a couple of colleges for high schools that have good transcripts and ask them to send it to you. 

School websites

Increasing number of colleges are relying on HS websites to find out about your school and/or arrange visits. Many students and parents will also use your website to gather information about colleges. Here are some samples from around the world: