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Guide to essays and personal statements

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Letters of recommendation

What makes a compelling letter of recommendation? Learn more about the differences between high school counselors secondary school reports and letters of recommendations from teachers. Here is some advice from various colleges: 

The advice may be specific to those colleges, but much of the information is generalizable to selective colleges with holistic admission process.

Vanderbilt offers sage advice from teachers and counselors


Secondary School Report–the counselors recommendation
If you doubted the value of your report, you need not worry–they are read, often twice. Collegeboard offers great insight. They even have an outline.

Letters of recommendation from teachers

Teachers rec can make an important contribution to helping a college understand your student. The collegeboard has some tips here.
There are some sample letters of recommendation for teachers available here and here.

Advice you should share with your students

Collegeboard has a good article to share with your your students on getting powerful letters of recommendation. Other great sources: