For Counselors/teachers

If you are a high school counselor or teacher, you may find the following links super helpful.

Colleges biggest complaint is trying to get a quick and accurate understanding of a school. The three key tools are
1) School profiles
2) Transcripts
3) School Websites

What makes a compelling letter of recommendation? Learn more about the differences between high school counselors secondary school reports and letters of recommendations from teachers.

Books worth reading

a primer full of reviews and annotations on college counseling books.


Podcasts worth listening too

  • Naviance has been doing a wonderful job interviewing interesting people for their counselor podcast page. Aimed at Counselors, many episodes can be useful for families.
  • Insidehigher ed has really launched a wonderful, rolicking spread aimed at admission professionals and anyone really into higher education.
  • Shaun McElroy is developinga  series of U-Cast podcast profiles of universities as well as special topics related to college admissions.
  • Peterson’s serves up a dozen or so interesting podcasts from understanding your SAT scores to selective college admission.
  • Oxford jumped on the 21st century bandwagon in a big way creating a wonderful series of podcasts covering their admission practices. Not to be outdone, Cambridge also has several great episodes. On the otherside of the pond, Yale university offers a very insightful look at selective college admissions–well theirs anyway.Applying to medical school from Leeds university should be essential listening to any student applying to the UK for Medical school.
  • In a name that says it all, the Financial Aid Podcast.
  • The Choronicle of Higher Education offers some of the most thought provoking content through both video and Audio.
  • Open Culture is keeping track of all the wonderful universities making content free through their podcats–I like to call this test driving a university. Be sure to check out itunes U when you open itunes.

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