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The parent’s guide to college admission part 1

What role should the parent be playing in the college admission process? Willard Dix suggest parents “Become a mentor as much as a parent” in his excellent artcile “Ten Ways For Parents To Get On Top Of The College Admission Process” providing a short guide to what he means by mentoring:

This is the moment you can begin to step back from your authoritative role to become a mentor, “guiding without steering.” Instead of telling your student what to do, you start asking open-ended and non-directive questions like, “Tell me why you like that college?” or “How do you think that major will help you in the future?” Finding a good balance here can be difficult if you’re used to being more directive, but you’ll be surprised how positive transferring responsibility while offering help when needed can be.

He follows this up with 9 other excellent points from “expect complications” to “talk about hopes” and “don’t nag.”

I want to follow up more on the role a parent can play that moves applying to college from a transaction to its own journey into self and how parents can and sould be a guide for that journey. So expect a part 2.