Deep Springs goes co-ed…again…this time for real

Last time (2011) they announced their plan to admit women to the venerable men’s only institution, they landed in a lawsuit with themselves. The charter clearly states for men, but courts decided that the trustees can refine that as needed:

The key finding of the appeals court was that the lower court had been within its discretion to approve a change in the trust guidelines for the college from promoting “the education of promising young men” to “the education of promising young people.” There was no evidence, the appeals court said, that the lower court had exceeded its authority to determine which trust provisions were “administrative” (such as the reference to men) and which ones were focused on the central mission of the college (the overall approach.

Now that the lawsuits are done, the board of trustees again voted to go coed for the fall of 2018. With a freshman class of only 14 men people, we can expect it become even more selective since it looks like they will not increase the college size.

The Applications Committee (ApCom) receives between 180 and 250 applications each year. Of those prospective students, 15 are invited to enroll and 10 are added to a wait-list. Our goal is to have 14 students in each matriculating class.

With all expenses paid, Deep Sprigs offers an exceptional possibilities: 

“The desert has a deep personality; it has a voice. Great leaders in all ages have sought the desert and heard its voice. You can hear it if you listen, but you cannot hear it while in the midst of uproar and strife for material things. ‘Gentlemen, for what came ye into the wilderness?’ Not for conventional scholastic training; not for ranch life; not to become proficient in commercial or professional pursuits for personal gain. You came to prepare for a life of service, with the understanding that superior ability and generous purpose would be expected of you.”


Deep Springs Founder L.L. Nunn, 1923