Utalizing the Gallup Purdue index for insight on your college research

I have mentioned the Gallup Purdue Index before. I have argued that students should ask three simple question of colleges:

1) Tell me about the Professors at your college–and listen for sentiments that describe that they teach with passion, look for evidence that they care about their students as people and watch if they describe these relationships going deeper as in a mentor type experience. 

2) What opportunities are their for applying learning in real world contexts? List for them to go beyond “our students do internships”–of course they do, but how did the college help? Do they have coop? How active in undergraduate research are most students?

3) What long term projects do students get involed in? Do they talk about senior thesis or Capstone experiences? These are the experiences you want. How hard are they to get involved in?

While you could ask about extra curriculuar activities, I find that one is a given. 

Purdue has a nice handout that goes deeper into questions you should be asking. Check it out here