13 College Majors That Actually Exist–An improved take on the buzz feed list

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Buzzfeed is a fun site to visit from time to time. They often have really fun or interesting lists like 13 College Majors That Actually Exist
Except, they were kinda lazy. While they identified majors, they failed to provide one specific example of where they actually exist.
1. Surf Science
Cornwall College in England has a Surf Science and Technology Degree
2. Comedy
Emerson made news early this year when they launched a full BFA in Comedy. 
3. Therapeutic Use of Adventure
49 colleges offer some sort of degree according to the collegeboard including: University of Utah, Prescott College, Unity College, and Ithica. Many are members of the AMERICAN THERAPEUTIC RECREATION ASSOCIATION which lists 80 such programs (but at all levels). There’s even a national honorary society for therapeutic recreation majors, Rho Phi Lambda, 
4. Comic Book Art
Actually, lots of pathways exist from Illustration (74 colleges) to Sequential Art to MCAD’s Comic Book art degree to Joe Kubert School in New Jersey, the nation’s first accredited comic art school, or The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont
5. Bowling Management
6. Logic
I did not think it was actually that unusual, but only 5 colleges offer it as a major:

7. Puppetry
Puppetry is a real thing and the fine folks at Pupeteers.Org provide this annotated list. 

Contact: Janie Geiser
The Cotsen Center for Puppetry and the Arts was established in 1998 to allow CalArts students to explore contemporary puppetry and performing objects. This one-of-a-kind laboratory offers a framework for practical training, artistic innovation, aesthetic inquiry and interdisciplinary investigation. The center strives to combine puppet theater with the use of new technologies and emerging forms and practices that cut across traditional boundaries.

California State University, Sacramento
Contact:  Art Gruenberger
Puppetry has been found to be an excellent tool for the teaching of multiculturalism to children. Students will learn basic techniques used in creating live puppet theatre so they can use puppetry to incorporate multiculturalism into the classroom. Students will learn how to construct and  manipulate several styles of puppets and then use their puppet creations to perform multicultural/multilingual stories.

Sarah Lawrence University
Contact: Dan Hurlin
Sarah Lawrence University offers several puppetry courses through both it’s Dance and Theater programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Classes include Puppet Theatre-Bunraku Style, and Toy Theatre and Shadow Puppetry, and Marionette Puppetry.

UC Santa Cruz
Contact: Kathy Foley
The UC Santa Cruz Theater Arts program emcompasses Drama, Dance, and Design. Both undergraduate and graduate level classes are available and include course titles such as Muppet Magic and Monsters.

University of Connecticut
Contact: Bart P. Roccoberton, Jr.
Started in 1964 by Professor Frank W. Ballard, the University of Connecticut has presented more than 500 puppet programs since its creation. The program offers a BFA degree in puppet arts and is the only institution in the country offering masters degrees (both MA and MFA) in the puppetry.

University of Hawaii
The University of Hawaii offers a Theater for Young Audiences (TYA) degree. Included in the course load are several puppet classes including Puppetry for Young Children – Methods of constructing puppets and stages with and for children 3 to 8 years of age. As well as Puppetry – History and scope of puppetry. Construction and presentation of puppets for adult and child audiences.

University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada)
DESS en théâtre de marionnettes contemporains
Contact: Marthe Adam
UQAM is proud to be the only Canadian university to offer creators of puppet theater a program specifically designed to enable them to deepen languages essential to the practice of contemporary puppet theater, and develop critical thinking skills in relation to this booming art.  The program is a 2 year certificate, and requires French language skills.

University of West Virginia
Contact: Joann Spencer Siegrist
The BFA course work includes intensive study in children’s theatre; the practice of puppetry as a theatrical art form; and educational and creative dramatic activity as methods of learning and self-development for children. In addition to a broad-based curriculum in theatre studies, students work under the direction of a faculty member to operate a complete puppetry theatre with comprehensive study in a variety of construction, manipulation, historical study, and performance techniques.

 West Virginia University
8. Decision-Making
There is a PhD over at Indiana
9. Poultry Science
20 colleges offer this degree…most near farms like that is a surprise. 
10. Auctioneering
Harrisburg Area Community College offers a two year degree, so technically not a major. So Does Warren County Career Center

11. Basic Horse Training
12. The Beatles
Sure, lots of colleges have a course or two on the Fab four, but their home town Uni, Liverpool Hope University, offers a master’s degree. 
13. Bagpipe
At Carnagie Mellon–but only 3 students in 20 years have complete the major. So you might be better off going to the college of piping. Yes, it is a real place but it operates it classes more like a business popup. 

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