Early numbers update

Dec 17th, 2015 | By | Category: Uncategorized

Over the next few days we will hear more:

Brown University admitted 22% early. AThis is roughly 1/3 of their incoming class. pplicants were down slightly (1.8%). 

Columbia is up 4.4% over last year

Dartmouth College saw an increase of 2%.

Davidson, up 7%, admitted 45.2%–roughly 40% of their class

Duke is up 11% admitting 22.5%. 

Georgetown admitted about 13%, aiming to keep early  and regular numbers about the same.

Harvard is up 4.4% from last year and admitted 14.8% early action. 

John’s Hopkins increased 3% this year, admitting 30.27% early decision

Northwestern admitted about 31%, filling half their class

Princeton, with a 9.8% increase over last year, admitted 18.6%. 

Stanford admitted 9.5% of their early pool–up 7.9% on last year. 

Yale is slightly down .6%. They admitted 17%.

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