Insight into Majors in the UK

The British Council used to put out fact sheets covering many of the most popular majors. For some reason they have stopped posting them. Fortunetly, Archive.Org has kept a copy. Here they all are for your own use. 



Applied and Pure Sciences

Veterinary studies  (pdf, 205KB)

Build and Natural Environment

Architecture  (pdf, 110KB)
Interior design  (pdf, 200KB)

Computing, Mathematics and ICT

Computing  (pdf, 203KB)

Engineering and Technology

Engineering  (pdf, 183KB)

Health and Medicine

Medicine  (pdf, 189KB)
Complementary medicine  (pdf, 215KB)
Nursing and midwifery  (pdf, 204KB)
Dentistry  (pdf, 196KB)
Hair and beauty therapy  (pdf, 209KB)
Psychology and councelling  (pdf, 202KB)


Translating and interpreting  (pdf, 187KB)

Learning languages (pdf 102KB)



Law  (pdf, 193KB)

Management, business, finance and MAs

Accountancy  (pdf, 165KB)
Management  (pdf, 195KB)
MBA  (pdf, 165KB)

Social Sciences and Communications

Media studies  (pdf, 180KB)

Sport, Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism  (pdf, 198KB)
Sport and fitness  (pdf, 235KB)

Visual and Creative Arts

Art and design  (pdf, 98KB)
Fashion design  (pdf, 197KB)
Performing arts  (pdf, 222KB)


Teacher training (pdf, 173KB)
  Studying Education  (pdf, 177KB)