Jan 22nd, 2014 | By | Category: Admissions, News

The Dean of Dean, Fred Hargadon, passed away this week. His three key tenures started at Swarthmore before heading to Stanford and finally ending up at Princeton (with a short interlude at the Collegeboard). I had just started my career in college counseling when I met Dean Fred. He elucidated the admission process with such alacrity that left a deep impression on me. I was not the only one. Take a look at the fond rememberances from people he worked with and impacted. Fred is held in esteem for his candor and how well he seemed to know each applicant (he apparently read every file). He also frustrated many a college counselor as he proved far more difficult to predict how a kid would read. Apparently the cartoonist at Stanford had insight:

Make no mistake, Fred thought deeply about creating his classes. “Because we cannot measure the things that have the most meaning, we give the most meaning to the things we can measure.” He insisted not just on a deep read, but a deep reflection by his staff: “If you have to wite something down, you have to think hard about it.” He explains it all here. 

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