Web 2.0 and college admissions: How the read/write web is changing the way kids explore and apply to colleges
College Admissions 2.0:

Welcome to the Internet you never knew, but always hoped for. We will discuss the role of the new generation of web communication tools for counselors on both sides of the desk, including blogs, IM, podcasts, text messaging, screen casts, photo/video sharing, Wikis, and more. How can you use these tools to help students and your institution? We will also discuss implications of sites like MySpace and Facebook in college admissions.

Our powerpoint from the presentation. .
A very concise and interesting screen cast.
Learn about the latest e-recruiting practices at degree-granting U.S. institutions.
A fascinating look at how video games and pop culture may actually be good for our children.
A first look at the economics of collaberation
Arguabley the best of all
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The book that started the website.
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Shauns McElroy’s International Counselor Blog
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Student blogs
Tech tips/tools
Technology tips blog for teachers and counselors
One of the best tip sites around--not just technology but everything
Latest developments and tools from the Web 2.0 World
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The following all will host your blog for free
Many places allow you to create free wikis:
  1. Wetpaint
Twit, one of the most significant podcasts around for keeping the pulse on technology.