Becoming a StrengthsQuest School: Applying positive psychology to deliver a program that matters to your students


When I grow up...

In the side bars, you can see presently what our grade 9 through program looks like. Where appropriate, I have included links to the relevant sites. From the EARCOS conference 2007, you will find:

Powerpoint: Becoming a StrengthsQuest school

Handout 1: Strengths master

Handout 2: Free alternatives to our programs

Watch the screencast

Bonus: Becoming A StrengthQuest School proposal.


Grade 11 Program

College Match

Resume building

Junior Interview

We use the survey from this excellent book

Grade 12 Program

Senior retreat

Book Club for parents

A new initiative: Currently reading:

Doing School

College without Stress

Letting Go


Grade 9 Program:

Study SKills

How to help a friend in Need

Stress Managements

Freshman Review


Grade 10 Program

Stress Management II

Career Unit


Sophomore review

StrengthsQuest books